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The Mars Reflector Series Light is a powerful 5watt LED based unit featuring a custom spectrum diffuser to maximize enery efficiency and coverage area.The compact design,cool operating temperatures and extra-large coverage area makes this series great for small growing areas where there is limited space.The Mars Reflector also feature a "Grow&Bloom"switch for maximum control and energy savings.Choose from Growth and Seeding mode(Veg) or Bloom mode.

The Mars Reflector series is the most efficient and cost effective model we offer.Experience impressive results with your harvests.An impressive option for those seeking to get maximum coverage & output per watt,these units performance will exceed your expectations!

Mars Reflector Features:

  • Control spectrum settings between Growth / Bloom Mode
  • Premium Epistar ™ 5 Watt High Intensity LEDs.
  • Patented spectrum diffuser offers the best output efficiency
  • Impressive coverage area per watt
  • Maximized energy efficiency
  • Perfect for grow tents & other small of enclosed areas

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