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Open Blast Extraction Tube 180g

Key Features:
-Open Blast Extractor (similiar to glass tube method without risk of glass exploding)
-User can inject butane through 3mm hole in top cap that is designed to fit most butane can tips
-System allows user to extract material similiar to glass tube method with increased overall safety to user.
-Allows for hands free operation and easy extraction of material into a container (Designed to fit over most small pyrex dishes)

-Platinum Cure Silicone Non Stick Pad
-304 Grade SS Material Tube
-304 Grade SS Top Cap w/ 3mm Hole (designed to fit almost all butane can tips)
-304 Grade SS Tri-Clamp Ferrule
-304 Grade SS Tri-Clamp
-304 Grade SS Tri-Clamp Quadpod
-Set of Viton gasket including a 100 Mesh (150 Micron Gasket) filter screen

-General Dimensions based on: 7" Quadpod Leg Length + (4.5" Leg height + Size of Material Column).
-304 Grade Stainless Steel on all major Components w/ High polish interiors
-Fittings: 3mm Hole(Fits Most Butane Tips) and Open ended Tri-Clamp ferrule at bottom for extraction

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