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The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft

How does the Source work?

The Source is a safe, clean, very easy to use appliance that uses vacuum and gentle warming to extract and concentrate essential oils. Throughout the process, the alcohol is recovered for re-use saving the user a lot of money and paying for itself in a very short time. The fully enclosed, closed-loop system also restricts unwanted odors to almost nothing.

Weight & Dimensions

Length: 7"

Width: 7"

Height: 10"

Total Weight: 7 lb, 11 oz


Hand wash of removable components is recommended.

The base unit can be gently wiped with a damp cloth, but never submerged in water.


Black & Silver


Processes: 1/8 oz to 2 oz of botanicals

Auto Shut-Off: 2 hour max

Bluetooth BLE Wireless control

Maintains around 105°F and vacuum. 






Displays & Control

One button starts, stops, & resets

One knob creates & releases vacuum

Mobile app (via Bluetooth)  to monitor time remaining, temp of heat input,  vacuum level, elevation setting, plus start & stop button




Vacuum level

Altitude Setting

(monitored from mobile device)

Category: Extraction,

Type: Unknown Type

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