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Titanium E-nail


  • Plug the power cord into the back of the unit. Attach the titanium nail to the heating element. By detaching the top cup of the nail, slide on the heating coil and re-fasten the cup to the nail. 
  • Plug in the heating element whip by aligning the arrow on the end of the whip to the push tab on top of the 5 pin plug. 
  • Place titanium nail onto your glass rig. 
  • Flip power switch on the back of unit to on. 

*Temperature display and the center button on front of unit will light up to indicate that unit is on. 
*Temperature is controlled by using the two up and down arrow buttons located underneath the numeric temperature display. 
*The two buttons on the left are for programming purposes, and are not used
*Once the desired temperature is set, press the round white glowing button to activate the heating coil.
*The round white button will blink continuously when heating element reaches set temperature.
*Once all the steps above are complete Your nail is ready for use.


Rig Configuration: Fits 14 or 18mm Male Glass Joint Fitment
Or the bottom can be removed and put into a 14mm female joint
Fittings: Universal 18mm and 14mm fittings
Temperature Scale: Ambient to 910F
Whip Style: 5 Pin, Includes Coil Thermocouple 

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