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Introduction to Dabs

by Petes Pipes May 03, 2016

Introduction to Dabs

Introduction to Dabs

by: KB

What are dabs and how does one dab?

As a headshop, we encounter this question often from our customers, and through research and product testing, we are here to break it down. Within the last decade, we see the “dab” phenomenon slowly take over most of Canada just like it did throughout the Western US. To over Simplify things, dabs are concentrated forms of Cannabis, made by extracting the THC from the plant as well as other Cannabinoids, resulting in sticky substances known as hash oil, wax, budder, and shatter. Dabs are considered extremely potent, making them the fastest and most efficient way to get or stay medicated.

The term “dabbing” is the adjective describing the act of those who smoke dabs.  Dabbing is basically the flash vaporization of concentrate, applied to a hot surface then inhaled. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, concentrates can offer you new heights of physical relief and unique cerebral effects. In order to dab one must be equipped with the following tools; dab rig/bong, a nail, dome, torch and a pick like tool.

At Pete’s Pipes, your dabbing experience is important to us, therefore we make sure you have everything you need to get yourself started. All of our Oil Rigs come complete with a glass nail, and dome. Torches are extremely important; they are intended to get your nail up to the proper temperature in order to inhale your dab. Glass or ‘quartz’ nails have low heat retention, and are known to break. Many people like to customize their dab set up by upgrading their nails to Ceramic, or Titanium.

The overall difference between these types of nails, are the way they hold heat, and durability. Ceramic will hold heat the longest, but has low heat retention, taking it longer to heat up. Ceramic and quartz are made from food grade materials so they are safe to use. Titanium on the other hand, will heat up in a very short amount of time, and has great heat retention. Although titanium is not food grade or meant for medical use, the buyer will have to ‘season’ the nail, making it safe for use. This works great to properly disinfect and remove any leftover polishes on your nail. Here are some basic steps to help guide you through your seasoning process.


  1. Place your nail on the joint of your rig, OR take nail off and grasp it with a clamp (wear a glove in case of high heat)

  2. Take your torch and evenly heat up your nail until it is red hot

  3. Dip nail into water, boiling all excess materials left on the nail.

  4. Torch nail again, until it begins to turn red.

  5. Using a dabber, dab on your oil, and "coat" the areas you want to be seasoned.

  6. Allow your nail to cool down a bit, repeat Step 3 a few times if needed.

  7. Congratulations, your nail is ready to use!

Petes Pipes
Petes Pipes


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